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The Sentinels of Society is currently recruiting. Please visit the Information Terminal (below) for full league information.
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To all new members!

The Sentinels of Society maintains most of its information in the Members Only area (Meeting Room), which includes information on the villain side Legion, instructions for access Raidcall should you need voice chat, and instructions on the custom chat channel for the League, which allows us to remain in contact across all characters, whether they are Heroes or Villains.

To access the Meeting Room area, create a free Guild Portal user account and apply to the League site. Once you apply, send me a PM at Vanguardian_SOS with the name of your member character so that I can verify membership in the League.

Membership also grants access to the Members Only forums, which are not displayed to the general public.
Sentinels of Society: Unite!    

The Sentinels of Society is the first, last, and best line of defense against the ever-growing threats to the DCU.

Whether it’s the gang war of the Gotham City underworld, the approaching tide of the Sinestro Corps, or the return of Doomsday- the creature that once killed Superman, the Sentinels of Society are there to light Earth’s darkest hour.

Join the growing symbol of what it means to be a Hero, and sound the battle-cry— Sentinels of Society: Unite!


Sentinels of Society Database-- Now Online!

Vanguardian_SOS, Sep 4, 11 5:52 PM.
Thanks to assistance from both STAR labs and WayneTech, the Sentinels of Society database is now up and running. Through our new network, we'll be able to keep in constant contact with each other, update the rest of the team on villains and their latest tricks, and kick back after a tough day (or night) on patrol.

Make sure to get yourself added to the database.
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The Sentinels of Society have a Meeting Room where we can schedule events, get voice server information, and even enjoy live chat.

The Meeting Room is a members-only area. You must be a registered member of the league to access it.
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